About me

My art experience up to now was virtually non-existent. I took art in grades 7&8 because it was required – but I didn’t enjoy it. We were given things to do, but with little instruction, and my art teacher never seemed to like the things I made. I didn’t see any point in ever taking art again, so once I could choose my courses, I avoided art like the plague.

Fastforward a few decades. My own children are in grades 8 through second year college, and all have an interest in art. I’ve learned a few things by observing them – at the very least, I’m starting to realize what I could learn.

I’ve been quilting for a number of years, but in an informal and infrequent way. Now that my kids are in their teens and above, I’m working with fabric and thread almost daily. And I have a number of friends who are quilt artists and quilt judges: people who know about art, and are interested in quilting as an art medium. When I listen to them talk about the composition and design of quilts, I realize I have knowledge gaps. I also sometimes struggle to appreciate modern quilts and fibre art pieces: I’d like to be able to evaluate works based on something more than my personal taste.

Time for a few art classes.

Despite being a good 30 years older than everyone else in the class, I enrolled in a first year Studio Arts class at my local university. After just a few classes, I decided that a blog would be a good way to record the material covered, my thoughts about it, and also the works I produce. By the end, perhaps I’ll be able to decide if this experience will enrich my quilting life or not!