Grade on Volume – wow!

Okay, I had my fingers crossed that I got at least 70% on my cinema hat – if it turned out she wanted lots of frilly flowers, at least she would concede that I’d met basic requirements with the film strip and popcorn. I had my toes crossed that she might actually like my cinema hat, enough to maybe give me 80%.

So I was pretty astounded when I received my grade online: 97.22% (Don’t ask about the 0.22 – it’s a funny way they break down marks in this class. Each assignment is worth 7.73 marks out of 100.3 marks total. It’s weird.)

Anyway, I was shocked. That’s nearly a perfect mark. I didn’t think she gave out marks that high. I guess she liked what I did.

I was disappointed by her comments, though, which were practically non-existent. She wrote: “Sculpturally sound. Satisfies design constraints. Accomplishment.” That’s it. I was really hoping she might elaborate on what she thought was worth 97%. Am I a glutton for praise? I was hoping she might say something about the originality, or that she liked the shadow effect. Or the paper popcorn. Ah well. I guess I should be leaping for joy over the 97%, and not be looking a gift horse in the mouth.


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