Volume assignment

Gilhuly, Tamara - Cinema crownSculpture has never been my thing.

Maybe that seems funny, since the one thing I really liked about sewing clothes, was taking 2 dimension fabric, and shaping it into a 3 dimensional garment. Really, isn’t that a form of sculpture? Or a sister to it?

Anyway, our Studio class has had very little “sculpture” in it. We had to make tool boxes, and we had this assignment: volume.

The assignment asked us to use no more than 1 sheet of Britewhite paper, and make a hat, mask or crown that could be worn, could be sturdily displayed on the wall, incorporated our initials 3 times, and considered both dimensionality and composition.

other side of cinema crownMany people made flower hats and crowns. In fact, almost everyone but me. I made a cinema crown. I started with a film strip “cut out”, featuring two images of Marilyn Monroe I adapted from Andy Warhol: on one side, I added a popcorn container (featuring my initials) filled with popcorn made of crumpled paper; on the other side, I glued to movie tickets.

I liked the idea that cut-out creates a shadow on the crown band beneath it to create a value difference and suggest dimension.

My only concern, when I pinned it up to the display wall for evaluation, was that everyone else in the glass seemed to have made hats or masks with paper flowers, fronds, twirls and frills… mine looked kind of plain by comparison. But… maybe mine will stand out because it is so different? I’m actually kind of worried about how well she will like my piece.



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