Figure assignment evaluation

Full Length Portrait of Bear

I was really excited to get my grade for this piece. The instructor wrote, “I don’t think you got everything right in this drawing (head too big, hands still a challenge) but you have taken on such an ambitious subject and setting, and composed the image so well that I must congratulate you.”

And she gave me a grade of 85%! Yay, me!

I did feel that, overall, it was pretty good, especially considering the very short time I’ve been taking art. But I can also see the many obvious problems, in addition to the ones she mentioned.

One thing about art that’s different from writing – it’s not as easy to edit your work, without jeopardizing it or having to start over. With writing, you can simply save a copy, then make a new copy and try something totally different, then compare the two. With art — well, the charcoal does offer some degree of forgiveness — you can smudge and redo, to an extent. But you can’t easily revert to a previous image, if you don’t like your change. And after a while, you build up a layer of stuff on the page that you can’t remove or keep successfully working over.

Ah well! Practice makes perfect! I’ll just have to keep on practising.



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