Figure assignment

The constraint was, we had to draw from a live model, and pose that model according to a famous portrait (we were given a list to choose from), using the same lighting and vantage point.

I chose Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Still #15.  I liked it because it felt like there was a story in the picture – the young woman looks out the window as if she’s watching something, or looking for someone. What does she see out the window? Who is she waiting for? I liked this better than some of the portraits which seemed simply to depict a person posing for a painting. This portrait felt more candid.

DH agreed to pose for me, and we went looking in the park for a suitable place with a ledge he could sit on. Here’s the photo of DH that I eventually had to take to finish up – after sitting in the gazebo for a while, we were both getting hot in the sun.

I would have preferred if I could have gotten a view without the pillar blocking his foot… the instructor did say we didn’t have to have the exact, exact pose, that we could riff off of it. So I hope she’ll be okay with my variation.

And here’s my drawing. I used mostly charcoal and white conte: I find the black conte is a bit crayon-like, and doesn’t blend well. I did use the black conte for the shorts, and I might have used some in his hair. As with my other assignments, I found that I completed this one, only to wish that I could start again. Some aspects were not well done. And despite attempting to use squaring up and proportions, I still didn’t get some things properly sized or positioned — hands, for example. I think they’re too small. Ah well!

Now, as usual, it’s wait-and-see. I hope she doesn’t take too long to decide on my grade and post it.

(By the way, I should also mention that it wasn’t a requirement to do the background – just the figure. But I needed to give him a place to sit, and a place to put his foot, and the column covered his left foot… so I ended up filling in a simplified background. No bricks, no flowers, but the shapes.)



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