Feedback on my maze assignment

The maze assignment must have been challenging to evaluate, because there were multiple possible criteria:

  • Level of perspective difficulty: 1 pt (easiest), 2pt or 3 pt (hardest) perspective
  • Dimension of walls: represented by just a line, or dimensional
  • Colour: just pencil, or coloured in
  • Surroundings: just the maze, or put into an illustrated setting (which must also be in the same perspective)

I hit three of the four for sure, but found it very challenging just to get a good maze finished, that I didn’t feel I could do a good job on putting it in a setting. At least, not within the time limit of handing it in by last Wednesday at 1pm. I added the roads running into and out of the maze, hoping that would give at least some degree of context.

Happily, I hit enough of the criteria to receive a grade of 80%! That’s a better mark than I’d expected.

As I examined the other pieces displayed on our class’ wall, I saw another piece that amazed me: really showed me where I would like to go with this. Isn’t it fantastic? This is the work of someone who really knows what they’re doing. This maze runs off the page in all directions, has colour and shading, has all the visual perspective cues we talked about in class (paler, smaller, fuzzier details farther away; more vibrant, larger, clearer details up close), everything in 3D perspective… just awesome! I have a few things to learn before I can produce a piece like this, but it’s very inspiring!




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