Studio 100: 8th class (Shading/Value)

Today’s class began with an opportunity to finish our paper crane still life drawings from yesterday. Here’s my finished product. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. I think I did a good job with the fabric draping, other than the bottom just off the right corner… there was a dip in the fabric I tried to capture, but now I wish I hadn’t bothered trying to draw it in. I should have used artistic license and just made it a regular fabric fold.

As I was finishing, I was wishing I could have handed in this piece as my assignment for next week – it looks pretty good! I had already checked the syllabus for the description of the next assignment: it’s to draw a piece of crumpled up white paper with a bright light shining on one side. Not really one to get enthusiastic about, to be honest. I mean, I understand the value of the assignment – you would really have to pay attention to the many shades of grey. But it seemed kind of dull compared to the paper cranes.

After cleaning up from the cranes, we started a new still life – Linda pulled some white busts of The David from the storage room. One was just a foot, one was just a head, and one was a whole torso, but showing the anatomy (the muscles, etc.). We were to pick a view of the busts and do a willow charcoal and white conte sketch on our grey papers. Here’s where I got before class ended.

Not perfect, for sure, but I’m actually impressed with how good it looks, compared to what I thought I would be able to produce. Once again, I concentrated on the shape of the spaces, the changing contrasts, and tried not to think about drawing a head, but just representing the spaces I saw. I couldn’t believe how successful I was! (Though I have to confess, I think he looks a bit like Elvis.)

Much to my delight, as class ended, Linda said she could see that some people were really getting into their sketches, and she offered that anyone who wished to, could complete this drawing and hand it in as the next assignment, instead of doing the crumpled paper. Yes! I will definitely do that. It means I’ll have to go into the studio in the next few days to draw, but I’m okay with that.

I’m starting to wonder if I would like painting. At times, working with the conte and charcoal felt a bit like painting – mixing the colours as I went along, filling in the spaces. I’m excited to see how I will progress when I work on this sketch again.



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